A. B. Carter, Inc. has been dedicated to providing the proper ring traveler (traveller) to suit the varied spinning and twisting requirements of its textile industry customers around the world. Special surface treatments and optimized configurations have been developed to reduce yarn hairiness, minimize running-in time, extend traveler (traveller) life, increase spindle speeds, resist yarn abrasion and reduce heat build-up on the ring. The proper traveler (traveller) selection will assure maximum productivity and yarn quality.


Features and Benefits:
  • Manufactured in specific sizes and styles to ensure optimum performance in all spinning and twisting applications.
  • Designed specifically to maximize yarn quality while improving machine productivity. Made from the highest quality raw material and manufacturing technology to assure consistent performance and excellent wear resistance.

Traveler (Traveller) Finishes:
 High polished surface to enhance yarn quality and runnability on all fiber types.Special nickel finish to enhance wear resistance and prevent corrosion.

Chrome plated for maximum wear resistance on abrasive fiber.

Available Sizes:
J Type (Conical)HZ Type (Vertical)
9.1mm (23/64”)9.5mm (3/8”)
17.4mm (43/64”)10.3mm (13/32”)
16.7mm (21/32”)11.1mm (7/16”)
17.4mm (43/64”) 
25.4mm (1”) 

Wire Profile and Application:

RW – Round wire is used for processing fine wool and synthetic counts.

F – Flat wire is used on heavy wool and synthetic counts.

Oval or HR – Oval or Half Round is used on medium and coarse wool and synthetic counts.