Products Overview


A. B. Carter, Inc. has been dedicated to providing the proper ring travelers (travellers) to suit the varied spinning and twisting requirements of its textile industry customers around the world. Special surface treatments and optimized configurations have been developed to reduce yarn hairiness, minimize running-in time, extend traveler (traveller) life, increase spindle speeds, resist yarn abrasion and reduce heat build-up on the ring. The proper traveler (traveller) selection will assure maximum productivity and yarn quality.


A. B. Carter, Inc. offers rings in a wide range of styles and finishes for all spinning and twisting applications. All of our rings are manufactured utilizing the best raw material and state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures consistent quality and performance. Vertical steel and sintered metal ring lubrication systems are also available for spinning and twisting operations that require oil ring systems.

Tapes, Belts and Straps

A. B. Carter, Inc. is a major supplier of spindle tapes and drive belts, light weight conveyor belts and pulling straps for almost any textile machine application. These products can be supplied “pre-assembled” to the customer’s specifications or may be sold in bulk with optional adhesive and bonding equipment for in-plant customer preparation. A. B. Carter, Inc. also manufactures and supplies Stainless Steel belting and high performance Counter Bands for carpet yarn heat-setting.


A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a full line of high quality plastic roving and spinning bobbins. These are available in both steaming and non-steaming quality, in engineering or non-engineering grade plastics and various surface finishes to resist rough handling, to improve winding efficiency and to provide a more defect free yarn.

Air Splicing, Wrap Splicing and Knotting Equipment

A. B. Carter, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in providing yarn joining solutions to the yarn manufacturing and fabric forming sectors of the textile industry. Splicers are available in many different models and set-ups to accommodate different yarn types and sizes. Note: Distribution in North America, Mexico and Central America only

Laboratory Testing Equipment

A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a complete range of textile laboratory products for the analysis of textile materials. (fibers, yarns, traditional and technical fabrics), nonwovens, etc. in compliance with International standards. These instruments are produced by Mesdan S.p.A. and are sold under the brand name Mesdan-Lab. Note: Distribution in North America, Mexico and Central America only.

Other Accessories for Spinning, Twisting and Winding

A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a wide variety of accessories and spare parts used in the yarn manufacturing and fabric forming sectors of the textile industry. These products and parts were developed specifically to improve our customers yarn and processes.