Other Accessories for Spinning, Twisting, Winding & Carpet Heat Setting

A. B. Carter, Inc. supplies a wide variety of accessories and spare parts used in the yarn manufacturing and fabric forming sectors of the textile industry. These products and parts were developed specifically to improve our customers' yarn and processes.

Stainless Steel Belts for Superba Heat-setting

Our Stainless Steel belts are manufactured in a variety of widths and hole sizes to meet the customer’s specific processing requirements. All belts incorporate a special “anti-cupping” design which has proven to offer longer life as compared to the OEM product.

Counter Bands for Superba Heat-setting

Our Counter Band belts are manufactured from special heat resistant fiber and are pre-treated to prevent elongation. Our belts have continuously proven to offer better performance and life compared to the OEM product.

Pressure Rolls for Superba Heat-setting

Our DayStrong pressure rolls are manufactured from a special rubber compound to resist abrasion, tearing and heat. They are designed specifically to provide consistent sealing with minimal pressure and can be used on any fiber type including: nylon, polyester, wool, polypropylene and acrylic.

Spin Clean Fluff Removers

Designed to safely remove fly and fiber waste from rolls and hard to reach machine areas. (Available in pneumatic and hand operated models)

End Detection/Sensing Products

Designed to indicate yarn breaks, detect yarn presence and produce a signal to stop a machine or perform other functions as required.

Other Accessories

Balloon Control rings, Condensors, Ring Holders, Thread Guides, Traveler (Traveller) hooks (Installation and removal tools), Traveler (Traveller) Cleaners and Ring Knives, Tension capsules and Overfeed discs.