A. B. Carter, Inc. offers rings in a wide range of styles and finishes for all spinning and twisting applications. All of our rings are manufactured utilizing the best raw material and state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures consistent quality and performance. Vertical steel and sintered metal ring lubrication systems are also available for spinning and twisting operations that require oil ring systems.


S-2000 RINGS

The S-2000 is our premier ring finish designed to maximize performance in high speed spinning applications. This superior surface finish offers longer life service of the ring while enhancing the traveler performance even in the most demanding spinning conditions. Our S-2000 rings have proven time and time again to offer consistent yarn quality in regards to reducing yarn hairiness and have become the preferred choice of modern spinning plants.

Features and Benefits:
  • Regularity in the coating translates into roughness values in the hundredths of a micron, which equates to better spinning performance.
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction, which leads to shorter than normal break-in cycle.
  • Highly polished surface reduces traveler instability and improves yarn quality.
  • High coating hardness ensures consistent flange profile, thus eliminating the need to vary traveler weight throughout life of the ring.


Our Metro rings (black in color) are designed for use in medium speed applications on all fiber types and counts. These rings offer an excellent quality/price ratio and are available for any brand of spinning frame.

Features and Benefits:
  • Made from the best high carbon-high chrome steel to ensure increased hardness (HRC 60-64), which equates to excellent wear resistance.
  • Smooth, micro-porous surface provides excellent sliding properties, which accelerates the formation of the required fiber lubrication film creating an ideal traveler running path.
  • Good resistance to corrosion.



Conical rings are supplied for worsted and semi-worsted spinning applications as well as for twisting coarser filament yarns and specialty yarns. These rings are available in several heights with different lubrication systems to suit the varying spinning/twisting requirements.

Features and Benefits:
  • Manufactured from the best high carbon–high chrome core hardened steel which ensures excellent wear resistance.
  • Special low-roughness polished finished surface to ensure consistent performance and yarn quality.
  • Special Conical/Concave design which allows the optimum ring and traveler contact.

Available Ring Heights:

9.1mm, 11.1mm, 17.4mm


Sintered metal vertical rings are supplied for many different industrial yarn twisting applications. (Fiberglass twisting, Carpet and Tire cord twisting, twisting of other industrial yarns and Draw twisting.) These rings are available in many different heights with different lubrication systems to suit the varying machine requirements.

Features and Benefits:
  • Our sintered metal rings are made from the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing technology to ensure excellent performance in the most demanding working conditions.
  • Extra hard finish combined with a smooth surface to ensure long life and consistent traveler performance.
  • All rings have an interconnected porosity to ensure the proper oil flow from the oil reservoir through the ring up to the traveler running path.
Material Types:
Designed for nylon traveler applications in the spinning/twisting of fiberglass, carpet yarn and tire cord.Designed for steel traveler applications in twisting worsted, semi-worsted and blended yarns.
Standard Ring Heights/Depths:

4.8mm, 6.35mm, 9.52mm, 10.3mm, 12.4mm, 12.7mm, 16.7mm, 17.1mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm